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onebeartoe.com - Media Players - RandomJuke - Filesystem Edition for Java Web Start

 RandomJuke is a free to use, Java-powered, multimedia application.  It can be configured to play songs from your digital collection of music at random.  RandomJuke has a colorful, kaleidascope-like user interface.

This application plays mp3s and other audio formats.  As its name implies, RandomJuke randomly select songs to play from directories the user selects.  RandomJuke assumes these directories contain audio files.

Like other applications featured on this website, RandomJuke makes use of the Java Media Framework™ and of course a current Java Virtual Machine.  Other than that, the only other requirement is read-only access to your song library.

Please note that the kaleidascope part of the application was borrowed from Java Notes by Dr. David Eck.  Professor Eck teaches at Brandeis University. Professor Eck has published Java Notes as an excellent guide to Java and introduction to Computer Science.

Launch RandomJuke

Launch the application

Upgrade to RandomJuke Subscriber Editon

Upgrade to onebeartoe RandomJuke Subscriber Edition

The subscriber edition of onebeartoe RandomJuke has more features than the free version and is available to members of the onebeartoe network. Login or become a member for more information.

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